Assessments, and the Role they Play in Student Learning… provides a highly visual approach to determining whether or not your current approach to assessments is well suited to your method of teaching.If you are a teacher in need of inspiration or an aspiring teacher who wants to know what is ahead of you, the post Not Just a Teacher is the perfect place to start.

If you have ever struggled to get your students to retain information about history, the idea that is presented in Teaching History Thematically should inspire you to make some changes in your classroom.Mass Production of Individuals is a great starting point because it introduces readers to Mr. Teachbad’s witty writing style while also calling attention to the issues that are currently facing the education system.

Flipping the Class When You can’t Make it to School is a good post for teachers of any subject. Through the usage of an embedded video, teachers can learn how to make the most of a day that they have to take off by letting a video they create provide the daily lesson for them.Social Psychology Examples Worksheet provides several questions that will help your students learn about psychology and their own preconceived notions about the world.

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    22 April - 2017

    Nikhil Jojare

    Thank you for being the best teacher from 4th-5th grade.You are very nice, kind, and a funny teacher. Thank you for teaching us Language, Spelling, and Writing. You are a very patient teacher with a loving heart.


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