Greenfield International Pre-School

Before starting the school that teaches with the help of books and educational notes, we want to provide children a platform that gives them an idea of what schooling is all about. Greenfield Pre-school is in fact not a school but a child-friendly learning axis.

We believe that children are special and to help identify their abilities and specialties, pre-school is as important as lessons by the mothers. With child-friendly faculty and staff members, our pre-school is completely fun with a learning stage that teaches them basic math and ‘ABCD’ letters.


Greenfiled group’s educational philosfy is inspired by the maxim” let noble thought come to us from all sides ” .

It provides comprehensive education keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and open opportunities for the development of the different faces of the child’s

personality besides academic excellence and intellectual development the school helps each child to discover and development once inntiate talents and abilities thereby expanding knowledge horizon. Greenfield provides a dynamic culture that respects individuality, embraces diversity and prepares to develop a child as global citizan.





Opp LIC Office Adalat Road Aurangabad. Phone No. 0240- 235901

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